windows update

If you are using old version of windows, update immediately old version in the latest one version such as Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 etc. Windows update can support windows installation, windows update can solve specific problems of Windows, provide protection from malicious attacks, or can add new features to the operating system.

Check and Install Updates for Windows 10

windows 10 upgrade

Windows 10 Update will be found within Settings option. Follow the steps to check windows 10 update:

  1. Select the Start menu, followed by settings icon to the left.
  2. Choose Update & Security and then Windows Update.
  3. Check for new Windows 10 updates by choosing Check for updates.
  4. In Windows 10, downloading and installing updates is automatic and happens immediately after checking or with some updates, at a time when you're not using your computer.

Check and Install Updates in Windows 8 and 7

From the control panel, you can access update in windows 8 and windows 7:

  1. Open Control Panel and then choose Windows Update.
  2. Select Check for updates, if windows updation available then update it.

Check and Install Updates in Windows XP, 2000 and 98

In Control Panel, go to windows update tool and search for a newer versions of Windows, if any windows update will be available. With configuration options, windows update download will be start.

How to Activate Automatic Windows Update?

Enable Automatic Updates

  1. Select the Start button.
  2. Select Change settings, and then select Install updates automatically.
  3. Under Recommended updates option, turn on - Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates.
  4. Lastly, select OK.

Troubleshooting Errors with Windows Update

Here are some errors are listed which you can get during windows updation:

errors with windows update
  • 0x800F081F
  • 0x80240016
  • 0x80240030
  • 0x8024402F
  • 0x80070002
  • 0x80070643
  • 0x80070003

Steps to Fix Error Code 0x800F081F:

If Windows Update displays this kind of error, follow the below steps:

  1. Type cmd in the search box, then right-click the Command Prompt entry.
  2. Select ‘Run as administrator’. Press Yes when User Account Control pops up.
  3. Type the following commands in sequence to check and repair your system. You’ll need to hit enter after each.
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Fix Error Code 0x80240016:

This error can occur if Windows is already installing updates or software, or a restart is required to complete the installation. So wait 10-15 minutes and then restart the computer. After it, this error can be resolved.

Fix Error Code 0x80240030:

This error shows that the proxy or firewall settings are preventing Windows Update from connecting to the server. To resolve it follow the steps:

  1. Type cmd in the search box, then right-click the "Command Prompt" entry.
  2. Select ‘Run as administrator’. Enter the following commands and hit Enter at the end of each line:
    • netsh winhttp reset proxy
    • net stop wuauserv
    • net start wuauserv
  3. This will reset the proxy settings to and restart the update service.