Roku Activation – Enter Roku Activation Code

Enter Roku Activation code to activate your Roku streaming device. create your Roku account through and add channels to your Roku device. For every successful registration, Roku sends an roku activation code which is required to link your Roku with your Account. Your account has all the information like your device, channels you have installed, your preferences and setting, etc.

What is Roku Activation Code

Roku streaming channels will only work when it is activated, and for activation, it is necessary that you need to enter Roku activation code, it is 6 digit in alphanumerical form. the process to get the Roku link code first open your web browser and go to and your Roku account by registered email ID. Then check your email box properly you will find the Roku Activation Code seems like XD12G

Activate Roku Using Roku Activation Code

Easy activation can be done with help of Roku activation enter link code. Step by step process to activate Roku Account is given here:

  • First, go to
  • Sign in to your Roku account.
  • If you are a new user then you need to create a Roku account
  • Enter Roku activation code to activate your Roku device.
  • Now, click on the activate button.
  • Great, your account is successfully activated.

Errors During the Roku Activation

The activation process for Roku requires the Roku Link Code activation. And for that you need to have the Roku account setup and linked to your device. This is the account that keeps tracks of the all Roku devices owned by you, channels subscribed by you, preferences and the settings. Once you have the account setup, you can complete the activation process on the go. If you are struggling with activation issues, here are some common issues along with their troubleshooting:

Errors with the Activation code

In case the error appears at the time of entering the link code on the Roku Activation link, then double-check the code you’re typing. Might be you’re not typing it correct or also there might be a network or server error. Here are the tips with which you can resolve this issue:

  • Check the internet connection.
  • Make sure you have provided the correct credentials of your Network and the Roku account.
  • Get a new code by pressing the start button of your Roku remote.
  • Enter the new code to link page and get your device activated.

Roku Activation Error 001

Error 001 of Roku resembles the error in activation. This error can be a general error , error from the server end , or error from the streaming stick itself. It generally appears when you enter the activation code to the Roku activation link.

Some Common Problems While Streaming Roku

Streaming Roku or activating Roku it obvious that you may face some kind of problems and errors, then you must visit this information below:

Streaming Roku or activating Roku it obvious that you may face some kind of problems and errors, then you must visit this information below:

  • Roku remote control is not working.
  • Not able to set up the device wirelessly.
  • Device lights indicate an issue.
  • Unable to find out or use private channels.
  • Issues related to product subscription and Roku enter code activation.
  • Not able to reset Roku.
  • The activation code expires the issue.
  • Unable to run a particular application on the device.

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