Printer Troubleshooter for Windows 10:

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Printer Troubleshooter for Windows 10

Windows 10 upgrades support many surprising features with improved user experience. While most of the users are happy with Windows 10 upgrade, a small category of users also experiencing the problems with hardware and drivers. Many users have reported that their printer stopped working after an upgrade or the printer is not responding, thus it becomes important to run printer troubleshooter for windows 10. This will help the users in detecting and fixing the common printer errors creating hassle in the work after an upgrade. So, if you are also facing problems with the printer after the Windows 10 upgrade, try printer troubleshooter for Windows 10 to fix your printer issues and bring it back to the normal working process and you can also make a call at to resolve printer problem.

Before you run windows printer troubleshooter windows 10, make sure that your printer is connected to your Windows 10 PC and turned on. Microsoft is aware of the problems that users are having after the Windows 10 upgrade. Therefore, Microsoft has released a Printer troubleshooter which can detect and fix the printer problems automatically. This tool can fix almost every printer issue. You can download the troubleshooter from the official Microsoft website. Once you download the file, double click to run the file and select your printer from the list. At last, click on the Next button to start troubleshooting.

What Troubleshooter Fixes in Windows 10?

  • You are unable to install a printer, connect to a printer, or print more than one job at a time.
  • You receive an error indicating your Print Spooler service is experiencing problems.
  • You receive an error indicating your is not the default printer.
  • You receive an error indicating: cannot be contacted over the network.
  • Identify if your printer is turned off.
  • Identify if your printer toner is low or empty causing your print job to appear faint or it does not print at all.
  • Identify if your printer paper is low or empty.
  • Identify if the printer has a paper jam which is preventing it from operating normally.
  • Identify if a print job that is in the print queue is preventing other print jobs from printing.

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Fix Printer Problems with Windows 10

This is the guide to show you that how the printer issue can be fixed in Windows 10 using some mess with the advances settings.

  1. Go to Start Menu.
  2. Now, search for Services.
  3. In the Services lists, click Printer Spooler. Then select Stop and click OK.
  4. Now, in the search box type %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers.
  5. From the results, select the file folder then, delete all files.
  6. Now, again search for Services.
  7. Then, click Printer Spooler.
  8. Now, in the startup type, select Start.
  9. Now, select OK and make sure Automatic is selected.

Fix printer problems in windows 10 wireless

Here is some easy methods to fix printer problem in windows 10:

  1. Restart Everything
  2. Check the Wireless Connectivity
  3. Firewall/Antivirus Program
  4. Download Latest Utilities

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