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To Activate Office Setup, You Need First To Redeem the Office setup roduct Key Through Your Registered Email And Enter The Key On Page To Launch The Installation Process.

Introduction of Microsoft Office Setup Product Key

A Product Key is also known as a software key. It certifies that the Product of Office is original. When a person activate any product through offline mode activation is done by entering Activation Key. Product Key have a series of numbers and/or letters. Microsoft Office setup Product Key helps to activate the Office Setup. When a person purchase the Office Product from a retail shop, A Microsoft Office 365 Product Key is come with the package of Office Product in the form of retail card or when a person purchase the Office Product by visiting the Office website, A Microsoft Office 365 Product Key is send into your mail box. A Microsoft Office 365 Product Key is a 25-character Activation code. The format is given as: Microsoft Office setup Product Key: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX If Product Key is already scratched and blurred before wasting your time contact the retailer who sold you the Office Product. If the retailer doesn’t help you then call Microsoft Office Support.

How to Find Microsoft Office Setup Key?

You can purchase the office suite either from online store or from offline retail store. If you have purchased Office from the online Microsoft store you will receive product key in your registered email id. Without having the key, you will not be able to activate your copy of Office software. Users who do not activate their subscription can only use the Microsoft Office apps for 30 days trial period. The one who purchased the key from retail store can check it on the CD or DVD cover. To retrieve your setup key or to activate your Office product, just go to

Enter Office Setup Product Key

If you purchase an office setup product key. Enter your product key on one of the website. After you enter product key, you can download and install office. So follow these steps: -

  • Once you have logged in to your Account or created a new one.
  • Then you have to enter the product key.
  • You have checked your product key is correct or not, your product key is correctly entered.
  • So you can continue with the next step.

Download Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office 365 business premium or premium security subscriptions allow you to install the Microsoft office software on your Pc. And download the Application to your Mobile Phone.

  • Once you have entered the correct product key.
  • So you can start downloading the product.
  • Then follow the instructions and start downloading the Microsoft Office.

Finish the Office Installation process

Firstly you have successfully downloaded and installed Microsoft Office Setup.

  • Microsoft Office software is very powerful when it comes to creating documents and presentations.
  • It’s also start using other software like word, excel, power point.
  • All software in the office comes with common features like spell checking and other things.

Activate Office through Office Setup Product Key

24*7 Microsoft Office Support

Compatibility issues may shower upon you an army of error messages that you may find impossible to cope with, as it requires technical assistance of an expert. However, some local vendors may offer you some advice to deal with the issue; still, they might not be the right person to have trust upon for a reliable solution.