Netspend Activation From

Netspend is a prepaid debit card, visa card, commercial cards and master card solution which was firstly introduced in 1999, which can be activated at There are millions of users of netspend in US. It gives you an authority to make a fund that is in your control. Prepaid mastercard and visa card are the most famous card among all the netspend cards. Every transaction which you do through netspend, is secure and insured by FDIC. You get many more benefits if you use netspend like a cashback and add checks.
You can add funds to NetSpend accounts through NetSpend card account transfers, bank account transfers, NetSpend reload network locations and direct deposit.

How to Apply for Netspend?

If your credit score is running short and you are not able to appy for credit card then netspend cards perfectly work for you. Make sure to follow a simple procedure apply for NetSpend

  1. Go to and click on sign up button
  2. Fill up the form with your personal information
  3. Choose your choice of card from the list
  4. Now click on get my card
  5. There isn’t any fee associated with the issuing of card
  6. You can choose the plan for future fees. It can be monthly or onetime payment

Activate Netspend from

After getting the card thru mail, now you can activate it online or using your smartphone. Online activation is the speediest ways to activate card but you can go for other options as well. Follow the basic procedure for card activation:

  1. Navigate page
  2. Here you will find activate card option at the top right side.
  3. Enter your 16 digit card no which is mentioned on the card and 3 digit security code.
  4. Now you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  5. Click on continue and after that you will receive a confirmation message from netspend.

Activate NetSpend with Mobile Phone:

Activating Netspend with mobile phone is a very simple procedure

  1. You just need to call Netspend support team.
  2. Now the representative will ask you for the card number and security code.
  3. After that your card will get activated.

Activate NetSpend at ATM

Last but not the least, the card activation through ATM. For this you have to-

  1. Visit the nearest Netspend ATM
  2. Swipe your Netspend card, now the window will appear asking for your 16-digit card number.
  3. Click on card activation process and enter your 3-digit secret PIN number.
  4. Congratulations, your card is activated now, you can use it without further ado.

Active NetSpend Support:

If you are unable to activate Netspend card or use other services then call our support representatives now. We assure you that you will get all your solution at one place.