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ARE YOU LOOKING TO Buy adyen account ? are you looking for fully verified account with documents ready to send and accept funds ? you are in the right store.

What is a Ayden account?

in 2006 a group of entrepreneurs founded Adyen, including Pieter van der Does and Arnaut Schiff. The existing payments technology consisted of a patchwork of systems built on outdated infrastructure.

With the aim of helping businesses grow, the co-founders set out to build a platform capable of meeting the rapidly evolving needs of today’s fast-growing global businesses.

Adyen’s founding team called the business Adyen – Surinamese for “Start over again” – and focused on building a modern infrastructure directly connected to card networks and local payment methods across the world, allowing for unified commerce and providing shopper data insights to merchants.

The Adyen platform enables merchants to accept payments in a single system, enabling revenue growth online, on mobile devices and at the point of sale.

Adyen displays all the information needed in order for you to manage your customers’ transactions easily and without errors. The best thing about Adyen is how easy it is to process refunds directly to customers’ credit cards, PayPal accounts, etc. through the interface. You are also able to delete payment info with one click of a button if needed. Adyen gives a great overview of the transaction and all the relevant information. You can also print receipts of purchase and of refunds when necessary conveniently as PDF files.

Buy Adyen Account



1.Photo ID verified
2.Email verified


1.Login information
2.Photo ID

Availability, uptime and processing speed

Adyen’s systems have been designed for maximum uptime through a redundant and stateless service-oriented architecture (SOA) that simultaneously accepts payments on multiple physical hosting locations.

Adyen’s standard real-time reporting dashboard contains SLA reports.

Processing speed is typically under one second, including risk checks, depending on the speed of the underlying acquirer and/or issuer involved. Adyen designed to handle large volume including comprehensive fraud screening.

Hosting facilities

Adyen currently hosts its main systems in separate data centers in Europe, in the United States and Australia. We administer and manage all our own servers. All payments processed stored in Europe. We do not outsource any administration to third parties, nor do we use any public cloud services for payment processing.

All systems  connected to a dual Internet uplink. With Ethernet bonding on multiple redundant switches and dual power from independent feeds, Adyen achieves maximum redundancy for its customers.

What remittance will be displayed when receiving funds from Adyen?

As part of each merchant payout, Adyen is sending remittance information (description of the transfer) for inclusion on the merchant’s bank statement. By default, this includes a unique 16-character payout reference, merchant account name and batch number.

Merchants can adjust the default remittance information that is being sent to the bank side, however, there are character limitations that vary based on the issuer bank receiving the payout.

This might result in the description being adjusted or cut off/ not displaying in its full length. Special characters such as “_” are often reflected as blank spaces on the remittance.

There is progress done on our side to make this functionality available to the merchants and add further clarity on the character limitations per country/region.

The different options when it comes to adjusting the remittance information are the following:

1. Configuration can be applied either on company or merchant account level.
2. The order of the placeholders might altered.
3. Additional character/strings can be hardcoded into the default string.
4. Additional placeholders can be added to to the default string.

There are possibilities that the bank receiving the funds cuts off the description sent by Adyen. We have seen merchants raised  this issue,  and unfortunately, while we ensure the correct description is being sent, Adyen cannot guarantee that this information will be received and displayed in the merchant’s bank.

You can verify what Adyen has forwarded to the bank side by opening the last generated Settlement details report on your account and checking the Merchant Payout line at the end of the report, this will indicate the statement that was send over to the banks.

Due to the above mentioned characters limitation, Adyen does not recommend the use of remittance for reconciliation purposes on the merchant side.

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