Activate My Mcafee Product Key

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Activate My Mcafee Product Key

McAfee Activate indeed offers its free McAfee antivirus download with the basic set of virus removal features. Yet, to unlock advanced features, you must have McAfee activate product key.

Where to find McAfee Product Key?

McAfee Product key is a 25-charactered alpha-numeric code imprinted on the rear of the retail card. The McAfee Product Key looks like: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.

How to Install McAfee with a Product Key?

McAfee product key is an activation key for McAfee antivirus. A McAfee Activate Product Key is a unique 25-character alpha-numeric encryption code which is used to set up McAfee antivirus.

Steps to install McAfee antivirus with McAfee Product Key:

Before you start:

First, check all other security applications. If you have any other security software product installed on your computer or another device, remove all of them using the instructions provided by their product manufacturer. It is important to remove these security applications to prevent application conflict and bad performance.

Check for the Older Version of McAfee Antivirus:

If you have any older McAfee antivirus product on your device which is identical to the product on your CD, then you can leave it installed. If both of the versions are identical then the installer will skip the installation part and allows you to extend the subscription date. But, if the versions are not identical then remove the older version and install the new one from the CD.

  1. Go to the downloaded mcafee file
  2. Once download Please Run The setup and Follow the Onscreen instruction to Install and setup McAfee antivirus.
  3. After Setup Please Restart Your Machine and Update Your Mcafee Protection.

How to Activate My Mcafee Product Key

follow the steps to Activate My Mcafee Product Key

  1. Go to
  2. a window will appear asking for your 25 digit product key or activation code.
  3. Enter your product key and click on submit.

If you face any issues in mcafee activation, you can contact us to Activate Mcafee Antivirus –